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  • Date 06 Jan, 2017
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Are you Looking for a UNIQUE, PERSONALISED, & an UNFORGETTABLE wedding???

Why not give us a call. We specialize in thinking outside the square. Surrounded by water, nature, beautiful beaches, floral beauty, Balinese culture, or wherever your imagination takes you.

We can surely create your ULTIMATE DREAM WEDDING!


Planning a wedding is only half the job done. The execution of all the events to plan is the tougher half. More guests than planned, cold food, not enough food, the last minute things to do.. been there & seen all that. All this makes our role as a Wedding planner all the more satisfying when we make sure that you and your families enjoy the special event without all the commotion.

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Before you begin preparing for the big Indian destination wedding, it’s important to create a wedding budget as that will help you assess the funds you have at hand and the various expenses of the wedding.


Each part of your plan depends on the kind of money you have at your disposal and after deciding that the kind of wedding you want to have along with the funds, it’s time to make your wedding budget which depends on: Number of invites to be sent, Number of people likely to attend the wedding, both Indian nationals and Guests arriving from overseas or traveling along with you and need their travel arrangements to be sorted. Overseas and outstation guests for whom accommodation needs to be arranged.


Sorting the Essentials After listing all these, the next step would be to prepare your budget for the following aspects:

  • Venue & Accommodation (Beachside Hotel or Villa )
  • Food and Beverages (Indian or continental cuisines)
  • Decoration (based on the Theme decided by you!!!) 
  • Transportation
  • Photographer and Videographer
  • Professional MakeUp Artist
  • Professional Henna (Mhendi) Artist
  • Indian Priest
  • Indian DJ or any other Balinese Entertainments, etc

An Indian Wedding does not comprise of a wedding ceremony and dinner only. There are plenty of other events, rituals and ceremonies for which endless planning needs to be done.The expenses need to be worked out for all the events that are being organized.

Therefore, you’d need to keep funds divided for these as well: Wedding invites Rituals and ceremonies. Miscellaneous expenses include Hiring a Wedding Planner.


So the best opt is to hire the services of a wedding planner as well to organize the wedding as families and guests will be traveling from overseas and, therefore, hiring a local wedding planner takes care of the communication and arrangements along with taking off a lot of burden.

Given a specified budget to work on, a wedding planner is able to give options and ideas based on their vast experience.  Give the wedding planners your budget and see what all they can offer. Despite being an Indian, it’s easy to get fleeced as staying abroad means you cannot check and counter check every expense. Check their plans and rates.  It’s best to opt for a full service plan as that takes care of each aspect, right from, venue, decor, food, accommodation, marriage ceremony, entertainment, etc.


An Indian wedding is a grand affair and if you’ve decided to celebrate it in Bali, make sure that you have everything chalked out so that you can simply sit back and enjoy the joyous occasion. 

We are happy to recommend and connect our clients with our suppliers so that the wedding couple can focus on their budget without the tension.

It is a win-win situation for everyone. The couple save money and still get the service, the suppliers get more chances to express their talent, and we get to bring a smile to your wonderful faces.